Welcome at Alveole632 Skateboards

Alveole632 is a project lead by doers and makers. As we equally love skateboards and making things, we are manufacturing 632 unique skateboards.

A Unique handmade Piece of canadian maple Art

Based in Lyon, France, we are manufacturing 100% of our boards in our local workshop. Our decks are made with best quality 7-ply canadian maple glued with best-in-class epoxy, hand-sanded and varnished.

The deck painting is fully hand made with no automatic tools.

Each deck has its own reference making it perfectly unique and allowing us to track when and whom build it. Your deck comes with its own certificate.

As everything is handmade, we are building the deck 10 by 10. Check out our coming news for #1 to #10 decks! First pics to come in the Blog section.

Alveole632 are sold on-line on our ETSY shop.


We are a family of makers, doers and innovators building a lot of different things with a particular focus on handmade skateboards. For years we are building longboards and skateboards for our own use.


It takes time!!

Hi everybody, We only have 3 completly finished decks so far. Stay tuned for more infos. It takes more time than expected for us to finish the art. I am still experiencing technics and materials to give you the best of the decks. I will present you the 3 first decks in a few days. …


We would be happy to hear from you! Any questions? A remark or a suggestion? Let us know!