Here are the first boards!!

They are sold in our online shop!!

It took time to produce those 10 first decks but now I am ready to release them.

Les voici donc:

  • #3: bouddha
  • #4: octopus
  • #5: dessins d’enfant 1
  • #6: flower 1
  • #7: woman
  • #8: sugarskull
  • #9: dessins d’enfant 2
  • #10: flower 2
  • #12: mountain (to come)
  • #13: dessin d’enfant 3

and of course blanck decks are available for you to have your very personnal board.

It takes time!!

Hi everybody,

We only have 3 completly finished decks so far. Stay tuned for more infos. It takes more time than expected for us to finish the art.

I am still experiencing technics and materials to give you the best of the decks.

I will present you the 3 first decks in a few days.


First batch of production finished!!

It’s a great pleasure to finally finish a batch of production.

Our first 10 decks are out. Partially varnished and ready for the art. As we are set perfection to our main goal, we included a very nice red layer inside our deck… Love it.

We are really happy about the shape and how it reacts when we ride it. A very good first batch 😉

Our goal is to finish the art of the 10 decks before selling them. It will take time as all steps are hand-made and we don’t keep any board that is not fully satisfying our standards. However already 3 decks are 100% finished and ready to be sold but one will have to wait a bit.

#1: Buddha – #2: Sugar skull – #3: Hawaiian flowers

Ride safe!

Alveole632 launches its website

Alveole632 is proud to present you its new website.

This website is a way for us to present you our project : 632 numbered unique pieces of 7-ply canadian maple. Skateboard manufacturing at its highest level of quality with great art.

Follow our blog for more news on this project incl. first batch to come: deck #1 to deck #10.